This is my music blog.  You can also read my other blog for non-musical stuff.  I’m not a musician, I just listen.  I’m not German, nor do I speak German (well).  I’d love to learn German, maybe someday I will.  My first exposure to German music was Rammstein.  From there, I got some mislabeled Megaherz tracks, which led me to MHz.  Oomph! and Eisbrecher from there.  Then, I found In Extremo, and Corvus Corax and Tanzwut and Saltatio Mortis.  At that point, I was also discovering Scandanavian artists and a few Russian bands, and pretty much everywhere around Europe.

My musical insterests are quite varied, I certainly still enjoy the Neue Deutsche Härte stylings of Rammstein, MHz, Oomph!, etc. that started it all.  Most recently for the last couple years I have been into Medieval (Mittelalter as the Germans say) music.  Some of the traditional stuff is ok, though mostly the kind that blends medieval lyrics or melodies with modern instruments.  This is often grouped in Folk Metal or Celtic Metal, though “metal” is often questionable and “Celtic” is often plain wrong.  Folk metal led me to Viking Metal, most of which I quite like.  Also what is called Black Metal, Pagan Metal, Folk Black Metal, etc., as long as it’s not satanic in nature or overtly anti-Christian.  Finntroll is cool, though, of course trolls hate Christians.  Anything purporting to be NSBM (National Socialist Black Metal) or otherwise has a Nazi slant to it is not even worth consideration, I don’t care how good the music is, that’s just stupid.

I also like most electronic music, either with folk influences or without.  I’ve recently found some very good EBM (does Eisbrecher fit that bill?) music, so add that.  A few random other genres to include are Pirate Metal, Power Metal, Gothic Rock/Metal, Industrial, Classical and even Alternative, Pop and Hip-hop in some cases.

Mostly, I like music that is in a foreign language.  I’m not entirely sure why, but that’s what I’ve noticed.  Linguistics is fascinating to me, that probably has something to do with it, but honestly, I think many songs have silly lyrics, and when I can’t understand them, I focus on the music.  I do like to know roughly what songs are about, but I don’t feel like I need to understand every word.  Hell, I don’t understand every word of most English songs!

I used to like Country and radio-oriented Rock and Alternative, and I still thoroughly enjoy what music I have and new stuff from select bands (Eve6 and Collective Soul, I’m looking at you).  The trend I’m noticing in my tastes, though, is toward heavier music.  I’m not a huge fan of straight up Thrash or Speed Metal, though certainly those influences are present in some Folk Metal or Viking Metal.  I generally detest Raw Black Metal, Extreme Metal and heavily experimental music, I need a beat or a great hook or something I can sing (even if it’s in another language). But most heavy and fast music is appealing. Throw in some bagpipes, violins, other off-beat instruments (not off-beat as in poorly-played!), traditional lyrics or melodies, and/or smoldering female vocals, and I’ll probably like it.

Finally, I love new music, so feel free to offer suggestions.