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Alright, cool, it’s been a year – I can write another post!  So yeah, my blogs have been suffering heavily due to Facebook and a general lack of free time.  Instead of album reviews, I’ve posted links to a number of videos on Facebook in lieu of writing here.  This is much quicker, and doesn’t require as much writing.  Anyway, you can check out my links on Facebook, but I haven’t completely abandoned hope or lost interest here.


Hallo! Wilkommen bei meine musik blog.

And that’s about all the German you’ll get other than band / album / track names.  I figure my family and friends don’t really like the same kind of music that I do, so this is where I will put up all my music reviews.  I used to do this in a yearly überpost on my pre-Wordpress blog, but that was time consuming, and due to server problems I didn’t do it last year (2007).  I have too much accumulated by now, one post would be ridiculous.

Not sure how often I will review albums here, but hopefully once a week or more.  I certainly don’t write posts on my other blog that often, so we’ll see.  If you are interested, you can check out my musical tastes on my About page.  At any rate, I hope these reviews are helpful if anyone is looking to purchase some quality music and support German (Scandinavian, Russian, Baltic, etc.) music so that more places start offering it for sale in the States.