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So, I’m not sure if I should start with some old favorites first or what, so I’ve just decided to go with what I’m listening to right now.  Typically, I “acquire” some music and put in my foobar retagging playlist.  It stays there while I listen to it a few times and decide I like it, make sure there are no crazy glitches from encoding, etc.  Currently, my main playlist has 2,308 songs, and my retagging list has 867!  I’m a little behind in evaluations, but some of that in retagging is well over a year old and I never got into it… I should just dump it.

Eichenschild - Mondscheinlegenden

Eichenschild - Mondscheinlegenden

Now I find myself listening to something for evaluation.  Of course, the title kills the suspense, I’m listening to the debut from German band Eichenschild, a nice folk rock album from 2000 called Mondscheinlegenden.  It’s definitely not folk metal, which is probably why it has lingered so long in my eval list.  After just a couple prior listens, I find that I remember a few of the tracks, which is always good.  I’d call this a mix between Schelmish and Morgenstern, if that helps at all.  Several times I’ve thought this sounds very much like something from Morgenstern’s Feuertaufe, but with more energy, and less… I don’t know… camp?  Morgenstern makes me feel like a dork, like I should be wearing chain mail and being a flaming medieval reenacter, or a LARP dweeb throwing verbal lightning bolts and what not.

Maybe it’s the production on the disc.  It’s not the greatest, and like Feuertaufe, it sounds a little hollow and tinny.  But, that’s not all bad, it makes it feel a little more authentic.  Certainly In Extremo‘s later and overly-polished efforts don’t feel like authentic anything.  At any rate, Mondscheinlegenden is a keeper.  If you like slightly more traditional sounding folk, but are ok with some modern elements, you’ll probably enjoy this.  Standout tracks right now are “Hexennacht”, “Letzter Gesang” and “Thorin von Eichenschild”.  Best of all, this one’s a freebie, download it from their website and enjoy.